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Penguin dummy clip

Penguin dummy clip

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Time to get into the Christmas spirit with our penguin pacifier clip. Make your baby's first Holiday special with our products. 

Please note on this listing you can buy only a dummy clip. 

Made : from 100% grade silicone.

- Free of BPA

- Free of PVC

- Free of phthalates, lead and cadmium

Test report for FDA and LFGB

Safety :

- All Dummy Clips are made in accordance to BS EN 12586:2007+A1 2011 (Dummy Clips) and European safety standard EN71 (Parts 1,2 & 3) (s)

- Strong nylon cord is used which will withhold 10kg in weight without breaking. Securely finished with an extra loop to prevent beads becoming lose.

- Never leave your baby unattended with these or any our products. 

- Always check this item before each use.

 -Always check product for any breakage & stop using at first sign of damage.

- Dummy clips are designed to hold a dummy and are not classed as a toy. 

- Please ensure the clip is always removed before the baby goes to sleep!

- Never make product longer.

- Don’t use pacifier clip in a crib.

Dimensions :

- Max length of clip is 22cm ( depends on name, but maximum 8 letters.)

Note: depending on a name length some beads will be added or removed to maintain the safe length of a clip. 

Care : 

- Check for wear and tear regularly and dispose of immediately if any noticed.

- Wash regularly with warm soapy water and allow to dry before use.

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