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Baby hairbrush set

Baby hairbrush set

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Personalise your baby brush set to make it more special!
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Gift packaging (ribbon) available for free with personalisation.

Three piece set of: paddle hairbrush, goat hair hairbrush and wide comb. Truly unique keepsake for many years. 

Brushing your baby’s hair takes only few minutes per day, but do you know why is so important? Brushing encourages blood flow and a health scalp. It helps build a bedtime routine and it helps with relaxation! If your baby has a trouble with taking naps, try brushing hair gently just before. 

When you can start brushing your baby’s hair? 

You can begin any time after birth with out goat bristles hairbrush. It will helps establish routines, creates bonding and relaxes your baby. You may also avoid cradle cap. 

Comes with high quality box - makes a perfect gift for newborns!Ribbon added only with personalised brush set.


  • Paddle hairbrush: 18x5 cm / 7x2 inch
  • Goat hairbrush: 18x5 cm / 7x2 inch
  • Comb: 13x4cm / 5x1.75 inch

Made with premium quality beechwood, maple wood and soft goat bristle. 

Keep away from fire and heat. This is not a toy, contains small parts. They are not intended for unsupervised children. 

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